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    Help, generate all possible strings with Perl

    Hi everyones,

    I want to generate or list all possible strings (any length if desired) each of them consists of any number of elements of ('a'-'z','A'-'Z','0'-'9')

    For example we can get :

    aBdaGdg93k4, ad89Kjkd, ajdf, 34545, ...

    Someome, please , suggest me how do to this or help me in the code. Need your help please.

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    Re: Help, generate all possible strings with Perl

    I read an article on doing this a few weeks ago on tek-tips.com, however I can't fnd it now. I know its in my Perl Cookbook too somewhere but I can't find it in there either lol. But anyways you can use a module to do it. I think maybe one of the Math ones

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