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    Image Problem on a 2nd hosted dormain

    can anyone advise me please.
    its a bit tricky to explain if I am NOT able to use my exact web links to show what I mean,but I will try and explain.

    I have a website that I set up before OK and I managed to get all the images to show ok.
    Then through my host company I was able to obtain another ( 2nd ) dormain name and set up a 2nd website even though my 1st site is the main site Name under the main 1st dormain name.
    Although this 2nd site is set up on my main host named site.. I am able to open the site up under my new dormain name only..
    so it does NOT have to show the 1st name at the beginning of the URL..
    On this new site when I go into my FILE MANAGER, I am able to click on the URL shown for the new Dormain and everything works OK..
    I Must explain though within my File Manager I see the URL with my Intial Dormain name in Front of my new 2nd site name..

    Now when I Try and open the site as JUST my 2nd new dormain ONLY..
    I can open the site OK BUT for some reason the Image Links dont show correctly.. They show a border where the images are ( with a red "x" in the border)
    I called my Host company and asked if they could help me..
    The refused to help me as they say its a HTML Issue and that Id need a webdesigner to sort it out.
    They did however tell me it was a pathway problem... I asked if they could possibly help by getting just one image link to work.
    They did this for me and It did work..
    I then should have been able to look at my html and work things out from here.
    On looking at it though , the alteration he did appears exactly as I had already done it..
    I tried a few things and somehow messed up the Image html he corrected for me because I was trying to experiment and deleted one word and rewrote it back in,,, then found it wouldnt work..
    I was able to do my last site OK so I am able to JUST get by at doing a lot of the basic html ..
    I have tried for hours to try and work out why I cannot get it to work.
    can anyone advise me at all.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Image Problem on a 2nd hosted dormain

    PS I want to also explain that although I messed up the image link HTML that my website Technical help person had rectified for me..
    I was able to get it working again when I looked at it again through my file manager website link..
    It just would NOT work when I typed in my 2nd new dormain name only..
    So it worked in file manager..
    ie if I can try and give an example.
    This is roughly the layout that is shown in my file manager. ( Note Ive spaced letters diliberately to avoid it looking like a link) ...............( Also In the file manager link it did show dot com only after 1st dormain)
    www . first dormain.com /second dormain/html ................
    but it would not work as ..........
    www .second dormain .com
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    Re: Image Problem on a 2nd hosted dormain

    Hi Just as I wrote this message to you I just had a reply from elsewhere which I am hoping has helped solved my problem.
    Hopefully I can now sort it out.
    if not I will continue asking later.
    (So Hopefully no one need waste any time in answering Immediately)
    This is what it said ( Ive tried to alter link to disguise my true dormain)
    Thank you for contacting us.

    I see that you have not added gannscycles.com to the list of allowed urls in
    Hotlink Protection.

    Please go to Cpanel, select HotLink Protection and add your addon to the list
    of Urls to Allow Access.

    You also have incorrect links in your script.
    The first image on your main page is referenced as

    IMG src="../-----/Images/Mater header.jpg"

    If you access it under your addon ------.com, the link is reverted to
    "http://= = = .com/ = = = /Images/Mater%20header.jpg which does not
    exist on your account.

    You would rather use absolute paths on your site and change
    IMG src="../-----/Images/Mater header.jpg" into
    IMG src="http://www .com/Images/Mater header.jpg"

    I have saved the changes to this first image and as soon as you add
    -------.com to the list of allowed urls in hotlink protection, you should
    be able to view it under ------.com.

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