Good day everyone,
I have several questions concerning Mechanize. Iíve tried my best, but a lack ofÖ hmmÖ time forces me to ask someone smarter. So:

1.Is there a way to close/kill/unload an LWP::UserAgent object? If not, maybe there is a way to reset it? Iíve tried to make a new UA under the same name, tried emptying a cooky_jar, but something stays in memory anyway.

2.Actually Iím trying to make a script that uses Mechanize for logic and sockets for transport, so I use $mech->_update_page($request, $response) which updates all the info, except $mech->uri, for some reason, although $mech->base works fine. Is there a way to update it with a base value?

3.Iím using a
$request = $form->make_request;
$mech->_make_request( $request );
$mech->_modify_request( $request );
sequence to take a request from Mechanize and send it to sockets (then I take their response, and return and ď_update_page($request, $response)Ē it back to Mech). Question: is there a ďnormalĒ way to catch/borrow a request from standard Mech function ($mech->submit_form( ... ), $mech->follow_link(...), redirect etc.) before it executes it, and then block it?

Iíll appreciate any help thanks.