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    Please help me :(

    on my page on *URL REMOVED*
    is my url
    i recently got told that it violates the rules of myspace. but i dont see how it does but any way.
    im trying to copy the properties page of like windows lol.
    nerdy i know.
    and im using hover span for the tabs.,
    but when you hover over the tabs. it doesn't cover the comments. the comments sit ontop of the picture.
    ive tried using z-index. but i dont think im doing it right.?
    is there anyway you would be able to help me.
    thats right YOU>.....

    [Moderator Note]
    Sorry, as mentioned before this page violates MySpace's TOS. We will not help you with that sort of thing. If you need clarification of MySpace's TOS please check with MySpace. Thread closed.
    Please do not try posting this question a third time - we do love to help, but only on things we're allowed to help with.
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