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    There are things wrong with my profile.

    i think my last post got deleted and im not sure why. so if you read this administator can you please tell me or give me a reason y you did this or maybe im just trippin lol.

    but yeah.. my profile.
    ** URL REMOVED **
    has a few problems.
    i put in a code to hide everything to make my div layout. and the advert is no longer there. it was there but it's not anymore.
    is there anyway some one could help me.
    thanks in advance lol.
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    Re: There are things wrong with my profile.

    I think you already know why the last post was removed, and repeating the question will have the same result.

    Hiding the adverts is against the myspace TOS, as you well know.
    Remove the "code to hide everything" and stop linking to a site with profanity on it, as that breaches AHFB's TOS.

    I'm sorry to say that further infractions will result in a permanent ban.

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