Anyone else notice something odd? MySpace changed all outbound links to referers rather than actual links.

I read in some places that this only affects NEW links. Well no it doesn't. The links on my profile that have been "improved". There are, however, profiles that still have "proper" outbound links. Anyone know how this is achieved? Presumably some profiles have "trust" within the system and some don't?

In addition, my profile page has be unceremoniously dropped from the Google index, as have a few others that I know were ranking high for certain keywords. Presumably a side effect of the page linking to other places on day, then linking nowhere the next. I never use it really - I'm too old for anyone I know to be on there.

Just as a footnote, because someone is bound to ask, no, I wasn't using MySpace to pimp products, sell crappy SEO ebooks, or add 10000 "new friends" a day. There are only 4 or five MS profiles that links to mine.