I am totally new to MySpace, CSS and HTML.
I am having two problems in particular Ė both to do with images.

I donít seem to be able to cover the entire background of my page with an image UNLESS IT IS TILED. Is there a way to have one single image covering the entire background (behind the tables, so that it shows down both sides) without having to have it repeated?

I have managed to have an image (1000px by 300px in size) across the page directly underneath the search bar. My problem is that the profile will only accept the URL when the image is hosted in my MySpace photo albums. That has been working well, until now - because during uploading, the image has been made much smaller (ie 600px in width) and when displayed on the profile it becomes pixilated. Is there any way to upload an image of 1000px by 300px to my MySpace albums and have it remain that size? Alternatively, Iíve tried hosting the image at Xdrive, FreeDrive etc Ė all of which upload the picture at the correct size Ė but when I replace the URL from my MySpace albums with code from these other sites, the code is either removed immediately as the change is saved Ė or the picture simply doesnít show up on the profile.

I'd really appreciate any help anyone can give me.
Thanks so much.