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    sidemenus and text stuff

    Two questions. First:
    I don't know the script to make a menu on the side of my screen. For exmple there is one on this page, it stats with search and has several links on the side of the page. I have looked at the source but cannot find how to do it.
    Is there any way to have random text messages show up in a certain spot on the site. Say I have a document of quotes. Say I have an area on my website that says "Random quote of the day:" and is followed by a quote. Is there any way to have a different quote everytime or do I really have to upload a new page everyday *laughs to self* there's got to be a way to do it because nobody is that adament about their page that they upload a new one everyday. Thanks

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    Hey seph,

    What you want to learn is tables, just follow the link on the left. Once you learn the basics of tables you can create "nested tables". Nested tables is simply placing a table inside of anothers table cell, there have been a few discussions regarding nested tables if you care to do a search.

    For the random quotes you can find scripts at http://www.hotscripts.com, simply place this code into the proper table cell and you can place it anywhere on the page.

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    u can put any number of msgs, between 1 to infinity. this shows a new msg everyday. to randomize it, just randomize the stamp variable.

    <!--put this between <head> and </head>-->

    <script language="JavaScript">
    Daily Tip Script
    Copyright Mike W. (www.dvol.com/~users/mikew)
    To add more shock to your site, visit www.DHTMLShock.com

    <!-- Begin
    var msg = new Array();
    Stamp = new Date();
    today = Stamp.getDate();
    msg[1] = "Tip 1";
    msg[2] = "Tip 2";
    msg[3] = "Tip 3";
    msg[4] = "Tip 4";
    msg[5] = "Tip 5";
    msg[6] = "Tip 6";
    msg[7] = "Tip 7";
    msg[8] = "Tip 8";
    msg[9] = "Tip 9";
    msg[10] = "Tip 10";
    msg[11] = "Tip 11";
    msg[12] = "Tip 12";
    msg[13] = "Tip 13";
    msg[14] = "Tip 14";
    msg[15] = "Tip 15";
    msg[16] = "Tip 16";
    msg[17] = "Tip 17";
    msg[18] = "Tip 18";
    msg[19] = "Tip 19";
    msg[20] = "Tip 20";
    msg[21] = "Tip 21";
    msg[22] = "Tip 22";
    msg[23] = "Tip 23";
    msg[24] = "Tip 24";
    msg[25] = "Tip 25";
    msg[26] = "Tip 26";
    msg[27] = "Tip 27";
    msg[28] = "Tip 28";
    msg[29] = "Tip 29";
    msg[30] = "Tip 30";
    msg[31] = "Tip 31";

    function writeTip() {
    // End -->

    <!-- put this where u want it to show -->

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