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    Looking for opinions


    Hopefully this will work. I started teaching myself HTML a couple of years ago and have been working on a web site for my church - no, I am not here to try to convert anyone To me, discussing religion is like discussing politics - I just don't do it.

    However, I would really appreciate some feed-back on the layout and scruture of the site from technical stand point. The original site was done in Adobe Page Mill and after some research, I came to the conclusion (my opinion) that learning HTML and writing the code myself would be the best way to go. This is the fruit of my labors: www.unityomaha.org. The pages I am most proud of are the calendar of events - I created them totally from scratch, except for the pop-up window scripts.

    The only feed-back I get is from people who visit the site - generally non-techy types from my church who really are afraid to offer constructive criticism. Any feed-back you all have to be offer would be appreciated.

    Also, I have become quite good at coding with basic HTML - I can cretae a page off the top of my head for the most part and rarely have to refer to reference manuals for tags and syntax. I really enjoy it. Can any one offer advise on how to start a business doing this? Is it possible at my skill level? What should I charge? How would I advertise?

    Help me please!!!


    David E. Ringo

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    hmm, usually people don't have problems with long scrolling pages, however, I think you could add a few more links and lesson the downward scrolling. I dunno do that and I'll take another look at it, it seems decent enough.

    If you want to start a business, there are more skills you should learn. You should learn a serverside language (PHP, ASP, or Perl), learn to use databases (MySQL, PostreSQL). These languages are a bit more extensive. My portfolio kinda looks like this:

    Adobe Illustrator
    (learning) Flash

    I suggest learning these first, but you don't have to learn all of them really i guess, you could get something like Dreamweaver then just make sure you know a serverside language and a database language and you'd be set. Just remember, the less you know, the more money your competators will get, in a sense.

    My two bits...


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    I think the site looks pretty good -- especially if this is your first attempt at design (not sure if I got that right)

    The index page is a bit slow to load (on a cable modem). I think I would agree with the scrolling. I might have been more apt to read if pages were kept a bit shorter. The "weekly mediation" link on the index page doesn't seem to be functioning.

    The rest looks good!

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