I have a table that is set to overflow:auto with a width less then the content in the table. In Firefox, the table is the correct width and has a scrollbar. In my most hated application, IE7, there is no scrollbar and the content goes out of the width set. I think this has to do with the absolute positioning I am using but not sure. I actually can't get the scrollbar to work on any of my divs in IE7 but again, they appear perfectly in Firefox. Here is the code which I am using in MySpace.

.friendSpace{display:inline; top:830px; left: 50%; position:absolute; margin-left: -400px; height:900px; width:250px; overflow:scroll}
.friendSpace table{visibility:visible; color:000000; background-color:cccccc; width: 250px}

you can see on myspace. my screen name is "spencespencer"