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    Question help w/Drop down boxes in Form

    I'm using Frontpage 2003. I have a form with standard stuff like name, address, phone etc. However, I also need to add two dropdown's where the user will select A, B, C etc in the first drop down and then the choices in the second drop down will populate based on the selection in the first drop down. How do I do that and how do I get the results of what the user selected to be emailed when i hit the submit button? I am unable to link to a database for this form.
    Thanks for any help

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    Re: help w/Drop down boxes in Form

    The first part of your request, populating a second drop down box based on the value of the first drop down, is best accomplished by using javascript. You could probably find some examples of this by Googling for it (or search the forums to see if there is some sample code that does this). However, you can't use javascript to send email. That would be best done using a scripting language such as PHP. Just search Google using the search terms PHP contact form script.

    Hope this helps.

    Edit: You'll probably have to use FrontPage's code view to add this code.
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    Re: help w/Drop down boxes in Form

    use this to retrieve the values and you then assign it to a variable and accordingly you can assign other values... then pass that variable to the same page..
    i did using this method only and it worked..

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