Hi folks. I need a little assistance. I am new to myspace and honestly not a programmer by any stretch of the word. Having to hand code pages or tables on myspace is killing me. I know there are template sites where you can customize your page and I have used such a site. (don't remember which one) anyway my page was looking fine and getting to where I wanted it then I decided to add a music player other than the default myspace one. It was pretty simple just copy and paste a flash based plugin into or onto the page.

When I view my page using firefox or Safari on my mac the page displays just fine. There are 3 tables or boxes above my interest's table and 3 tables or boxes below it. The 6 tables are supposed to be centered above and below the Interests table, and they are when viewed on a mac. Using window's based pc's is another story. The above mentioned tables are shifted to the left, when viewed with IE.

I'm almost certain that a CSS attribute has gotten messed up somehow but I don't know what to fix or where to fix it.

Can someone please view the source code of my page and point out what I've done wrong? You can simply use IE or whatever browser you have and chose view source code.

Thanks in advance.
I can't post a link to the page yet, so here is the url.
myspace .com the forward / then mildtowildphotography