I'm really trying hard to promote my new website, and I've tried everything from blogs, to myspace, to craigslist. Articles, I have a hard time writing articles.
I have been using PPC and my lead capture form with success, my adds are converting between a 25%-30% click rate and all of my quality scores are really high. My site is converting about 40-50% of my traffic into leads which is really pretty good - I think.
However, when I stop my ppc advertising, my traffic dies to 10 hits a day. This is starting to get very expensive.
I've thought about posting in forums, but the one thing I do NOT want is the headache of being banned as a spammer. I'm deathly afraid of posting in forums.
I don't know what else to do, but at this rate, it's costing me more to get the traffic than what I'm making a month. I know theres no magic button to push, but how about a less expensive one to drive a lot more traffic to my site than just 10 hits a day?
Please someone let me in on what I'm doing wrong here...thanks!