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    Redirecting to URL

    I am desparately in need of some help here.
    First of all CGI/Perl are greek to me. I am only familiar with PHP.
    I have this Form with a File Field. Passing to a CGI file(upload.cgi?id=20) to process for File upload. I have to use CGI/Perl as it is uploading large file size.
    The "id" variable in the URL is dynamic and will changes according to member who upload it.
    I did not write the CGI file myself but found it from the internet which is Free for non-commercial usage.
    Inside the "upload.cgi" file there is a variable set to redirect the file upon upload success.
    $redirect = "http://www.baltech.com.my/index.php";
    Somewhere further below the file there is a script to trigger the redirection :
    # redirect user
    print qq~Location: $redirect\n\n~;
    My question is, how can I set the $redirect url to redirect to for instant...
    The "id" variable should be the one passed to the cgi file.

    Hope to find a solution here.

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    Re: Redirecting to URL

    I have probably understood you wrong, why don't you just change $redirect to
    $redirect =http://www.baltech.com.my/index.php?id=20;
    if you want to just change the id then you could have this:
    $path = "http://www.baltech.com.my/index.php";
    $id = "?id=20";
    $redirect = "$path$id";
    and you can change the id accordingly if needed. Etc etc

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