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    Smile How to write a HTML page that presents its contents according to the client language?

    I need to do a page that presents its contents according to the client language.


    If the client´s language is Spanish, all the text of the page will be in Spanish, without alter the layout.

    If I have ten languages, will I need to do ten pages?


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    Hello there, welocme to the forums.

    Very, very tricky question.

    The hardest bit is detecting the clients language. You can get scripts to do an ip lookup and have a good guess at the country using the country codes, thats about it. Otherwise, they just have to choose.

    You can avoid writing ten different pages in a few ways. One is to write/grab a script to use centralised 'lnaguage files' and only pick out the language you want. The other is to keep all the different texts in a database, called by a single page, and it will grab the correct language.

    Its a big job, you may want to search the web and see if something like this can be purchased.
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