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    unknown error code using system() command from web server


    I am a newbie - I am using the following perl/cgi system() command to run a remote script:

    my $remotecmd="ssh user\@server '/my/path/test.sh'";
    my $return= system($remotecmd);

    this works fine and gives a return code of 0 when i run manually from the command line on my unix box.

    However, when I run this from a web page I get the error number 17152.

    I have checked permissions on files etc and these all seem to be ok. I also cannot find any information on error number 17152.

    Do you think this could be a problem with the way i am escaping the @ symbol (ssh user\@server )?

    Any help here would be most welcomed!!

    Many thanks,


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    Re: unknown error code using system() command from web server

    Can I have a look at your whole script? Just so I can understand better what you are trying to achieve, I have no idea at the moment what the @server is at the moment. If you are \ it then the @ is taken literally and it won't be ARRAY server anymore but literally "@server"

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