New to asp and jmail. The form works OK from my site and comes to my email inbox. The order of the fields is all over the place - i.e. not as it was on the webform. I know that I can specify that order. I don't know how. What's the code to alter sort order and where do I put it? I have two files - the web form itself and a wee file my host told me to put on the server called jsend.asp the meat of that file is: " Set JMail = Server.CreateObject("JMail.SMTPMail") JMail.Silent = true JMail.Logging = true JMail.ServerAddress = "" JMail.Sender = "" JMail.Subject = "www web form" JMail.AddRecipient "" JMail.Priority = 1 JMail.body = "The form was filled out with the following values:" & vbcrlf Dim el 'add every form element and its value to the email FOR EACH el IN Request.Form JMail.appendtext( el & ": " & Request.form(el) & vbcrlf ) NEXT ' Send it... JMail.Execute " Many thanks for any help, Scot