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    Cool SQL Time Conversion

    I am a newbie to SQL and need some assistance. How can I get the time to display as human time from unix time? I am using Excel to import data from an oracle dataabse. I have included my code below. Its the resolved time line I need to display as human time. Any help is appreciated!

    SELECT a.ticket_id_, a.status,a.case_type, a.TYPE, a.CATEGORY, a.sub_code,
    a.business_unit, a.country, a.site, a.assigned_to_group_,
    a.assigned_to_individual_,a.resolved_time, a.create_time, a.submitted_by, a.SOURCE,
    a.hours_to_resolve, a.total_hold, a.summary, a.solution_text,
    a.root_cause, a.opening_type, a.opening_category, a.opening_sub_code,
    a.priority, a.requester_login_name_, a.submitter_grp
    FROM aradmin.gsk_incident a
    WHERE (a.assigned_to_group_ =
    AND (a.resolved_time BETWEEN 1180656000 AND 1183245839)
    AND (a.case_type < 2)
    AND (a.hours_to_resolve >= 40)

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    Re: SQL Time Conversion

    I'm not sure if this is a mysql database that you're using, but if it is. Look at DATE_FORMAT() for mysql. Every other database should have some sort of date formatting function too.

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