Hi all i own and administer my own stock image site.
To give others the chance to own their own stock site i woulsd like to sell the code on to interested parties.

The site features
Design done in css easy to change colors, add a logo etc.
Ms sql needed although it could be converted to my sql.
Full admin site to manage the main site best run on https.
Forum is an add on!
Can connect as many drives to the site as you like with a choice of saving images on many different drives.
Full ftp exif iptc data support.
Can run on one server or many.
Fully integrated with PayPal and support for money bookers.
Everything apart from reviewing images is automated.
I wrote every line of code and all databases myself and I know every inch of the application for full backup support.
Vista side bar gadgets for searching images and member stats.
Full affiliate program.
Promotion code added to easily promote the site via emails newsletters etc.
Application written in vb. Asp.net
Compatible with Dreamweaver but for best control I would advise visual studio.

Users would have to have a working knowledge of css.
They would also have to know how to run a script against the database to install.
Hosting company would have to offer windows server 2003 but I would advise a dedicated server.

I actually run my site from my home on 2 servers.
It has been online since June 1st 2007.
In this time I have gained nearly 500 photographers and 50,000 images.

What do you think can this site be sold as an advanced template as it would not be meant as a quick download and use?

Owners of such a site would have to have knowledge in marketing and seo tactics.

I have been quoted by an online sales rep 2000 or more for all source code and database etc.

The site is a fully working web site and an owner would just need to change logo colors etc and could be online in hours.

Do you as webmasters believe this king of application can sell and does the price tag fit the product.

I am not here to promote my own site so i have left the link to a my working site out of the post.

Thanks for any comments received