At work we have purchased a HP Designjet 500 42 poster printer. In Adobe Illustrator CS2, I am trying to print out a large http://www.*******************.net logo. The problem is; Illustrator is constantly forcing the printer to print the image out in the wrong orientation.

The logo is 20" wide, and 6" tall. Our printer uses a 42" roll. Illustrator keeping printing the image out such that the image is only using 6" of the total 42" width, and printing out 20" in length. Thus, wasting a lot of paper.

Is there any proper setup I am overlooking? I have tried every combination that comes to mind. Portrait vs landscape, rotate 90 degrees, entering custom paper sizes... Nothing comes out in a horizontal manor.

I will also mention that this has not been a constant issue in Adobe PS CS2. However my technique for that program, does not work for Illustrator.

Thanks in advance.