Completely ready to go website!

  • 200,000+ checked music and video streams preinstalled
  • 9 exclusive skins (will be sold only 1 time each) and 10 non exclusive skins (will be sold few times each) Preview -
  • 5 media types supported (Flash Video Stream, Quicktime, Real media, mp3, wmv)
  • advanced admin area
  • 4 money streams integrated
  • completely template based fully customizable system
  • A lot of the plugins available

  • Full version demo
    Base version demo
    Admin area demo

Subpages demos
  • Letter page demo
    Artist page demo
    Video page demo
    RSS demo

  • SEO friendly engine
  • FREE Huge database - 213,686 music video links, 131,138 titles, 54,580 artists
  • [add-on] Custom skins - we may create custom skin for you or you may buy one of the our predefined skins
  • [add-on] 9 exclusive skins (will be sold only 1 time each) and 10 non exclusive skins (will be sold few times each)
  • 4 money streams ready to go
    • Google adsense ads showed[/b]
    • [add-on] integration - you will be able to make money from selling ringtones
    • [optionally]AdBrite ads showed[/b]
    • [optionally]Yahoo Publishers Network ads showed
    • for the additional payment we may integrate website with any other ads network
  • System completely template based - Basically all layouts use the same script, but have different templates. Templates are plain html files, which you may customize yourself to fit any design you want.
  • [add-on] Member area - your site visitors will be able to submit new lyrics, artists, albums or do some requests
  • [add-on] What's new block at the home page auto-filled with latest lyrics
  • [add-on] Ability to correct toplists manually
  • [add-on] Ability to check users submissions before the will be showed at the site
  • Automatically updated top10/50 artists/songs list
  • [add-on] Ability to set aliases, which will be showed at the artist lists (like "Spears, Britney" is alias for the "Britney Spears")
  • [add-on] Ability to provide RSS feed for the latest lyrics []
  • [add-on] Ability to provide email newsletter for the latest lyrics
  • Ability to setup new modules without reinstalling
  • [add-on] Search queries monitoring module
  • [add-on] Ability to check predefined templates for the any module in real-time []
  • [add-on] Ability to include external php scripts at the your templates
  • [add-on] Ability to attach any number of the links directly to the some artist
  • Powerful Admin area
    • add/edit/show by first letter/delete artists
    • show songs count, quick links to the add/edit
    • add/edit/delete songs
    • refresh cache
    • change options page
    • change admin password
    • [add-on] View/edit/confirm/delete artists/songs submitted by users
    • [add-on] View stats about search queries for the desired period of the time
    • [add-on] Change EasyTemplate options - show on all pages, on parameter in _GET, disabled
    • change amazon/allposters/google adsense code
    • [add-on] Put some artist/song in desired place for some top list (toplists correction)

Possible payment options - Webmoney/E-Gold, bank wire, western union, credit card/paypal through 3rd party site.

*All prices do not include processing fees ($40 bank wire sending fee,
5-15% western union sending fees, etc) - actual fee will depend to the
choosed payment type.

Base edition
(no modules)
Single domain zend encoded licence cost $299*

Custom edition
You may choose desired modules from the list above.
Single domain zend encoded licence cost $299*+modules cost

Full edition
(all modules, demo -
Single domain zend encoded licence cost $799*

Non exclusive skins - sold before, $150 per skin
Exclusive skins - sold only one time, $450 per skin.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.
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  • OR feel free to PM me right here