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    Angry Transfer files from one web host to another using front page

    Front page is virtually almost the same as yahoo site builder which I was on first. Now I am currently on Lunarpages.com and Im having trouble with all my text and pictures not showing up on my site. Everything is written in html like its suppose to be. Lunar pages told me to put my pages under public_html but that has 7 folders under it.
    So im a little confused because I was just learning how to work a file manager when yahoo kicked me off their server for my site content.Can you help me?

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    Re: Transfer files from one web host to another using front page

    Without knowing the directory structure of your website, it's a little difficult to give you specific advice. That said, all (or most of) your web pages probably go into the public_html folder, just as Lunarpages told you. You may have a folder called images or something similar. That needs to be a subfolder of public_html, and all your images need to go into that. In fact, probably anything that shows up as a subfolder on your http address will be a subfolder of public_html.

    If I were you, I'd be very concerned about why you were kicked off Yahoo. Do you have content that is likely to get you kicked off Lunarpages as well? Better read their TOS before you suffer the same fate again. Depending on how you paid for your hosting and depending on Lunarpages' policies, you may not get a refund if you violate their TOS.
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