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    Question How do I populate nested drop down lists?

    I'm working on a web page that will do the following:
    1. From a drop down list, a user will select a server name. This information will be read from an existing server-based text file (list of servers, 1 per line).
    2. After the user makes a selection, a server-side command will run against the server selected from the drop down. The results of the command will be used to populate a second drop down list.
    3. A web page will be generated based on the user's selection from the second drop down list.
    To be unnecessarily specific, we are building a web page to view throughput details for specific Snapmirrors on our NetApp Filers. Basically, the user will select the filer he's interested in, the server will query the filer for running snapmirrors, the user will select one, and a web page will be generated that shows throughput, duration, expected completion time, etc for that filer.

    I'd like to accomplish this with CGI/Perl. Any ideas?

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    Re: How do I populate nested drop down lists?

    This wouldn't be too difficult. Have a go and writing some Perl/CGI code and I will check through it for you and help you out.

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