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    image map/extended network banner

    I wanted to make my extended network banner on my myspace into an image map with links to my pictures and blog and stuff, but I have no idea how.

    I know that the extended network codes usually look like this:

    <style type="text/css">
    table table table td {vertical-align:top ! important;}
    span.blacktext12 {
    visibility:visible !important;
    background-image: url(" ");background-repeat:no-repeat;
    background-position:center center;
    font-size:0px; letter-spacing:-0.5px;
    width:640px; height:385px; display:block !important; }
    span.blacktext12 img {display:none;}

    and I've made an Imge map for this picture: photobucket.com/albums/b291/killinginasense/pic_005675001188880510.jpg
    and it looks like this

    <img src="pic_005675001188880510.jpg" width="640" height="385" border="0" usemap="#map" />

    <map name="map">
    <!-- #$-:Image Map file created by GIMP Imagemap Plugin -->
    <!-- #$-:GIMP Imagemap Plugin by Maurits Rijk -->
    <!-- #$-:Please do not edit lines starting with "#$" -->
    <!-- #$VERSION:2.0 -->
    <!-- #$AUTHOR:Ashley -->
    <area shape="rect" coords="323,237,411,320" target="View more pictures" onmouseover="Look at me!" onmouseout="or not." href="http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewAlbums&friendID=10157822" />
    <area shape="rect" coords="454,225,527,304" target="message" onmouseover="Send me something" href="http://messaging.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=mail.message&friendID=10157822&MyToken=c9b594c0-9b6c-4d3b-9aca-62b3bc41094b" />
    <area shape="rect" coords="357,155,418,215" target="Blog" onmouseover="talking *beep* about a pretty sunset" onmouseout="blanketing opinions that I'll probably regret soon." href="http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendID=10157822" />

    buuuut, I have no idea how to like, combin the two. Please help me?

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    Re: image map/extended network banner

    First, there is no way to turn an image, which has been placed as a background image, into an image map (or into a link). Any code, addressing that area, which is not using table.extendedNetwork is old code. Try to get code from sites which are not so far behind that they have not yet started using the classes (which showed up several months ago) What are you doing with your blogs? If you are NOT using your blog space, for blogs, the best solution is probably to remove your extended network, and to create a custom space (table or div) above your blurbs, and place that where the extended network normally sits. IF you are using your blogs that will not work. Blogs are dynamic in size, and this will not work very well. There is another solution, I have used, but it is very hard to get the image map placed accurately. How well it works, depends on how your page is laid out.