Hi there

I am currently doing a project for a Digital Innovation course at uni, where we have to design a really basic HTML website. No style sheets, scripting, etc, allowed.

I am looking to use tables with relatively positioned rows and cells to 'layout' my site. Opening up my file in the FF browser shows a layout that I am happy with.

Here's my problem: when I place the HTML doctype into my code, and run my code through the validator, the height attributes come up as a problem...moreover, when I try to look at the site in my FF browser, the table has kind of collapsed. Yet, when I take the doctype out of the code, it displays nicely...

What gives?

I am looking to write code that is technically valid (or what's the point, right?). And I want the nicely displayed table with the relative height and width attributes.

Any help, much appreciated...

The FD