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    Unwanted Toolbar

    We work with confidential photos and other stuff, on our website we'd like to put pictures of the capabilities of our company while simultaneously running a minimum risk of loosing vital information, I have already disabled the right-click, but whenever you hover the mouse over the pic, the print, copy, e-mail, ect toolbar comes up, is there a code to get rid of this? I know that there are other ways around it like PRNT SCRN then ctrl+v in another program, but I would still like to get rid of this toolbar and would appreciate it if someone had the code to do it or knows a way to get rid of the toolbar.

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    Re: Unwanted Toolbar

    Once you put any kind of information on the Web, people will find a way of copying it. You can't stop them. Do a Google search, and you will find that your question or something similar has been asked time and again ever since the internet came into being.

    Bottom Line: If you don't want your information copied, don't put it on the Web.
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