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    Make a Loading Sign on Flash

    I've seen some websites that have a % sign saying how much it has loaded, do you know how I can also put a %sign while my logo is loading?!

    Im trying to make a nice short logo for my site, the lowest possible size is 2 second for 158 KB!

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    Hiya Chris,

    To make a preloader for a flash movie you simply have to use the _framesloaded command. The idea is you tell the loading bar to progress up, let's say 25%, once frames 0 to 25 (Lets play with a 100 frame movie just for discussion) are loaded. The user will then see the bar move up to that spot.

    You will also want to make sure you tell the movie to not start playing once all, or a certain percentage, is loaded. Here is a brief guide I found from searching the web. You can try this one or simply go to www.google.com and type in "Flash preloader" or "Flash loading bar" or something similar. Their are several out there.


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