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    How do you get around the "No Right Click" Code

    Hi all,
    I'm new here. What brought me here was a google search about the "No right click" code. The article I was taken to was a guy looking for the code but he was told that many people here do not believe in that code. It was also stated that the code does nothing. So, can somebody please share the way around the code? Thanks all!
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    Re: How do you get around the "No Right Click" Code

    "No Right Click" code doesn't work. Period. You can choose whatever script you want, but there is always a way to defeat it. Ever heard of disabling javascript in your browser? Do that, and your "No Right Click" script can no longer do its job. If there were a foolproof way of preventing people from copying your code, don't you think you would find ample evidence of that throughout the internet? No foolproof way exists, trust me.
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