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    Minimum time to make live a Website in Internet

    What minimum possible time does it take to become live on Internet for a website?

    I mean to say the time taken from domain registration, hosting and uploading. Here what I observered is hosting and uploading is almost instantanious if Internet connection and server is ok.

    The next factor is time taken for propagation of nameserver details.

    Any way I am asking about instant website?
    Is it possible to register a domain, host and upload site content and all is available to world in minimum time.

    So suggest me any one a startegy for minimum time taken in the whole process.

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    Re: Minimum time to make live a Website in Internet

    Domain registration - 5 minutes (excludes time to think up a decent -- and available -- domain name to register in the first place)

    Web hosting account setup - 5 minutes, depending on the hosting company you choose. Some want to verify your credit and allow themselves up to 12 hours to setup your account.

    Nameserver setup - Less than 5 minutes

    File upload to the new web server - 5 minutes to half an hour, depending on the number and size of the files to be uploaded, setup of database(s), etc.

    Propogation of the nameservers throughout the internet
    - 24 to 48 hours, depending on the day of the week you do this. If a weekday, estimated time is closer to 24 hours; 48 hours, if a weekend
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