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    Pre Populatated Fields

    I am building website to sell books. When the customer click on the Buy now button on a certain book (ie Spiderman) I want to direct that buyer to a form that I have built. But I want the form to automatically populate the name of the book or image that the customer clicked on. Can you help me with the coding?

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    Hi there. Welcome to the forums!

    If you need to transfer data from one page to another, you have quite a few options. However, overall, you will probably need to learn a 'server-side language' to process the details.

    These include PHP, ASP, Perl/CGI and Jscript. I would recommend php ( www.php.net ) as it is easy to learn.

    An example piece of code, using php -

    PHP Code:
    <input type="text" name="ChosenItem" value="<? echo $_QUERY['iChoose']; ?>">
    This would take a querystring and populate the field with it. A query string is data passed along in the link like this -


    Hope that helps.
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