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Thread: Database Table

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    Database Table

    I would like to make a table that lists 300 plus members of our organization and their status and email addresses. Actually I want 5 columns for First Name, Last Name, Status, personal email address, and work email address. Is there any short way of making a table like that? Can I make the table and put the contents in afterwards?

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    Hello there. Welcome to the forums.

    Big question, really. yes, you can create your table before adding data, that is not a problem. In fact, you will have to.

    Of course, what database? mySQL, msSQL, Access, PostGre? It all makes a difference.

    If you have Office installed on your home machine, practice making tables with the Access GUI. Once you are comfortable, move on to web databases. mySQL is fine for most users. I recommend using a webbased interface for your database ( Search the web for phpMyAdmin if you are using mySQL and PHP, its fantastic ).

    If you go for mySQL, don't forget the homepage ( www.mysql.com/ ) and don't be scared to experiment. Databases (except Access ) are hard to break and easy to fix, so have fun.

    Any questions you have after figuring some stuff out, please post them here
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