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    Perl/CGI Forum

    Hello Everyone,
    I have decided to dedicate alot of my time helping others with Perl/CGI. I will give as much help as possible so long as I have enough information to help.
    When you post a question, if it regards a script you have already written or began to write, please post the entire perl script or just the necessary part.
    I would happily write a script for somebody or help them improve theirs, however I have to ensure I am not wasting my time and that I will get a response for my effort.
    I have been programming in perl and cgi for a long time and I am pretty capable of using it to its full extent, in every aspect.
    The important thing is that I would rather see someone put the effort in even if their script fails, and we are then here to help you fix it and provide some tips. But if you really have no clue, then express your kindness, and i'm sure one of us will dedicate some time for you.

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    Re: Perl/CGI Forum

    i dont have a good experience with a perl..
    and i need anyone to help me to
    Describe what this program does with explanation plz :
    @files = (f1.txt, f2.txt, f3.txt);
    foreach $file (@files) {
    open (FILE, $file) || die Cannot open $file\n;
    $lines = <FILE>;
    close FILE;
    open (FILE, >>out);
    print FILE $lines;
    close FILE;

    plz ASAP
    Best Regards

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    Red face Re: Perl/CGI Forum

    Hello, xmassey I am currently new to writing perl programs. I am currently trying to write a perl program for adding ftp accounts to a mysql database on my hosting server. I have most of the script written, but need some help with a few things. I was wondering if you had a bit of time to help a newbie out with a script. I would grealty appreciate any time you would have to help me, thank you. If you have time I will post my script for you to examine. Daccman

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