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    Exclamation Auto Surfing Verses Manual Surfing..What's The Difference?

    Recently someone asked me what's the difference between traffic exchange programs that employ auto surfing verses ones that only allow you to manual surf.

    I started out by stating the obvious difference....auto surfing is just that, you log on, hit the surf button and sites will load for you automatically. Manual programs require you to click on a icon before you can proceed to the next site in rotation.

    Then he asked me,...... well if auto surfing is really that simple, why are so many people against using them?

    Let me tell you a real life situation.

    When I first got turned on to using traffic exchanges to drive free traffic to my websites I thought to myself, there's got to be a better way. This is taking up way to much of my time.

    Then one day while I was clicking, clicking, clicking and clicking some more, I came across a website that said STOP CLICKING NOW AND PUT YOUR SURFING ON AUTOPILOT....... It sounded like a good idea to me so I stopped clicking and joined my first auto surf traffic exchange.

    The first 15 minutes was GREAT! I had such a happy feeling it showed all over my face. I really couldn't understand why everyone wasn't auto surfing. I vowed to never sit in front of my computer clicking away mindlessly again.

    Then it happen.......

    My anti-virus software program went hay-wire. First a message came up that said "We have blocked access to ww.xxxxxxx.com because it is on a list of sites known for spyware".

    After several of these kinds of messages the unthinkable happened....

    A window opened that said new software was being installed on my computer... click "o.k." to continue or "cancel" to stop the installation.

    I clicked "cancel" but nothing happened. I clicked "cancel" again, still nothing. I click on the "x" in the right hand corner to close the window...NOTHING!

    My computer screen went black and a red warning sign appeared..... "Your IP address 76.1254.xxx has been compromised and a intruder has gained illegal access to your files. A VIRUS HAS BEEN DETECTED. It is recommended that you run your anti-virus software to remove this threat."

    After several attempts with my virus protection program to remove this disease that is destroying all my files, I realized that my problem was bigger than any anti-spyware software could handle.

    To make a long story not as long.... I had to COMPLETELY wipe out the memory on my computer and start from scratch. When everything was said and done, all left on my computer was the original applications that came with it when I purchased it.

    All my files gone.

    All the cool, neat software I had installed over the years (many were free downloads from sites I will never remember) gone.

    I sell over 165 marketing ebooks and software products. I kept the original zip files on my hard drive. This is my bread and butter I'm talking about. Needless to say they were also gone.

    To top it all off... I had to re-install everything.. from my printer, fax, photo editing software, banner making software, ect. (about 20 programs in all).

    In about 60 seconds (literally!) a hacker had gained access to everything it took me years to accumulate and was having his/her way with my personal data.

    Now I'm a strong believer that if you look hard enough, you can find something positive to take away from most situations. I found three.

    1) Because I was sitting at my computer at the time of the intrusion, I was able to act fast by shutting down my computer thereby preventing the virus from fully installing itself. Had I not shut down, most likely I would of had to purchase a new computer.

    2) I had purchased an external hard drive months earlier to back up my files so I was able to recover my original zip files as well as all my important and priceless data. And


    WOW, it felt good, real good.. to get that off my chest (so to speak).

    My advise to all you auto-surfers, "PROCEED WITH CAUTION"

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    Re: Auto Surfing Verses Manual Surfing..What's The Difference?

    It is ALL worthless traffic
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    Auto Surfing Verses Manual Surfing for Website Traffic

    My experience with surfing is its lots of time for few signups to free stuff.....
    in other words the traffic is people just like you clicking for credits,,,,,and free stuff,,,
    so its not high on my list,,,,does this sound
    like a fair assessment or am I missing something
    Leo Hanes

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