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    please help with uploading the files onto the web

    Can anyone please tell me how exactly to upload the html scripts into the web?
    What do i need for that? domain, hosting server, ftp, filezilla.. im so very confused. spent the whole last night trying to figure anything out, and now im completely frustrated.
    can you explain like for the dumbest.

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    Re: please help with uploading the files onto the web

    Welcome to AHFB!

    Sounds like you need the basic steps for setting up a website. They are:

    1. Decide on a domain name and extension.

    2. Select a registrar and register your domain name.

    3. Find a host for your domain name.

    4. Build the HTML for you web pages.

    5. Upload your web pages to your web host's server.

    A more detailed explanation of what you need to do can be found here. I would advise you to read that thoroughly. Then if you have specific questions, feel free to ask. Setting up a website for the first time can be a little confusing, so don't be afraid to ask us for help.
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