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    ASP to PHP or start over for E-com site

    I must launch an e-com site very quickly. I have permission to use an existing site and replace graphics and certain text with mine. However, the live site is ASP. I know nothing about ASP and my Unix web host does not support it. Should I attempt to convert it to PHP, about which I also know nothing, or start from scratch?

    Frankly, the .asp pages look just like html to me, except certain links call other .asp pages for the searches and catalog pages.

    The site has about 40 pages and about 3000 items in the db, which is currently just in Excel. I have all the content and all the images ready to go.

    I found an online tool that will convert ASP to PHP but it does some weird stuff. For example, it adds a semicolon at the end of every right arrow bracket. I'm a Dreamweaver user and I can easily globally delete the ; and the page looks ok, but I have no idea if it will work right, after the db is attached.

    I am a designer, new to e-com. Suggestions? Tools?


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    Re: ASP to PHP or start over for E-com site

    Rather than converting the existing shopping cart, why not just get some already established software? Doing that would be far less expensive and time consuming for you. I can't recommend anything specific since I don't use shopping cart software myself. if you Google for it though, you can find a lot of choices -- some free, some not, but I'm sure you could find something that would fit your needs.
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