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    Myspace/layout hard css codeing ?? help

    Hi i made a division layout using photoshop. it has the right lenths and widths of the layout..this is the layout what im trying to do is find someone to make acode for this layout so i would be able to upload it onto my myspace profile ..Ive just became really big into making web designs and creating "new projects" on phothsop editing and all that but what i am having probloms is working on a html code i know if someone had to do the codeing for this layout it would not be normal codeing but if anyone knows what im talking about please respnd back to this

    is the guy who made my layout for me and im trying to make my it look exactly alike .. he said hed make the layotu for me if i found someone to do the codeing but i dont know how to do any xhtml /css codeing please help thanks =]

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    Re: Myspace/layout hard css codeing ?? help

    do you still need help with this?
    div coding sucks in my personal oppinnion, well on myspace it does. but i am getting more and more into div codes. i usually just rewrite stuff using myspace's original coding and tweaking it.
    but i can try to help if you still need some.

    I'm not on much anymore,
    so please be patient myspace coders!

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