My comment box seems so messed up no matter what. I will post my code AND a picture of what I'm talking about. I would like to see the people's comments expand out more than what it is.

the code:

<style type="text/css">
body {background-color:white;white; 

background-image:url(""); background-repeat:no-repeat; 

background-position:center;center; background-attachment:fixed;}
td, .text, div, input {color:black !important;}
a {color:BLUE !important;} img {border:0px;}
table, tr, td {background:transparent; border:0px;}
img, .contactTable { display:none; }
.bbzContainer img, .comt img { display:inline; } 
table div, td td td, table div div { visibility:hidden; }
font, a, .bbzsc a { visibility:hidden; }
marquee { visibility:hidden !important; }

.bbzComment { This is where you control the position of the player. }
table table embed {display:block; width:202px; height:35px; position:absolute; top:0px; left:0px; visibility:visible;}
table table table embed,  .bbzContainer div embed {position:static !important; width:auto; height:auto; }
.text, table table table table a,
table table table table div,table table table table div a {visibility:visible;}
.bbzComment { You selected to show comments. }
.bbzsc { visibility:hidden; }
.herpe { You selected to show friends. }
.comt td, .comt table{width:400px!important; height:0px!important; background-color:transparent!important; 

border:0px!important; _padding:2px!important;} .comt, .comt td, .comt table, .comt td a img, .comt td td td a, .comt td b a, 

.comt td .redlink{visibility:visible;} .comt td td td b{top:0px; display:inline;} .comt .orangetext15{display:none;} .comt td 

b, .blacktext10 {display:block;} .comt table, .comt td b, .comt .btext, .redlink{position:relative; top:-9px;} .comt 

.herpe { This is where you control your top8 and comment position. }
.comt {
  visibility: visible; position:absolute; left:50%; top:0%;  overflow:none; width:350px; height:400px;
  border:0px solid; border-color:silver;
  margin-top:750px; margin-left:-453px; background-color:transparent;
.comt span, .comt b {color:BLACK !important; visibility:visible !important; display:inline !important; }
.comt table { width:0px !important; }
.comt table table { width:0px !important; }
.blacktext10 { width:90px; display:block; }
.comt a, .comt font, .comt span { visibility:visible !important; }