Hello from Denmark
Ive been reading page up and down in the forum, and none of the previous questions/solutions have worked for me..
So now I am almost bald from ripping my hair out in frustration
I am using office frontpage 2003 for the record.
My problem is, that i have a table at my website with "latest" on the main site, which i update regurely, but now I want a scrollbar so i dont have to delete the buttom date each time i add a new date, but i cannot seem to make it work...
My homepage is under my profile, and when you open it, it is the left table called "seneste"i have troubles with...
and i m sorry for the language, i didnt get to make it in english yet, but it is under construction, just need the final touches
Anyone able to help me out?
Ps.. everything is self learned so the total expert language might be hard or me to understand
thank you in advance for looking into my post