hi all,
I am facing a serious problem with the database connection in my perl programming. The issue is described below
Firstly our application is connected to an oracle database having 3 schemas(say a, b and c). And the application is logged under schema b. Suppose there is a table XYZ in schema a and there are corresponding synonyms for the table XYZ under b and c schemas also.
Now the records from the table XYZ is getting retrieved only if the quiery as a.XYZ in it.
Ex: Select * from a.XYZ;
But no records are retrieved when the query doesn't have the schema name
Ex: Select * from XYZ;
But we cant keep the hard coding coz when the environment is changed from development to production, we need to modify the file again and again.
And by the way all the operations (update and delete) are working when the queries are executed inside the SQL-plus(unix box). Only thru the code some problem persists.
Please give some idea, where the problem might be and where to look at.
Thanks in advance.