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    Help with forms please....

    I really want to create forms but two things are holding me back. Ok i want to make a form that makes you type information about your self. The only thing is i dunno what to add in the action tag. I know all the websites say the url of such and such but thats all rubbish to me. You see i don't where that info goes. I would like it to into a database but is that possible? If not, where else can it go?

    My second problem maybe a bit more complicated. I want to make a password form. i can make that part, the problem is, how do i make it so the computer knows whos password is right and whos isn't??

    Hope you can help


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    Hello there.

    To be blunt, html is stupid. It cannot talk to databases, it cannot tell right password from wrong passwords. Its thick. Asking it to do these things is like asking a newspaper to play a song. It cannot do it.

    What you need is a processor. Lots of processors out there, and your host probably supports at least one of them.

    Search the internet for tutorials on PHP (by far the easiest language to learn as a 'first' language), ASP and Perl. All these languages are clever. Basically, they are programming languages, and you need to learn them to make your pages do what you wish.

    However, you can fnd 'pre-fab' scripts @ www.hotscripts.com to do the things you need.
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