Hey everyone.

I am working on a web project for my school. I am using Ajax and it is working fine. However I have issues as far as layout goes.

We try to avoid frames. Therefore we use <div>s for the layout. However, adapting the layout to different browser is very complicated, and especially since the system is supposed to work on both Mozilla and IE. One of the questions I have in this context is whether there is any way to have JavaScript read the viewport of the browser (not the resolution).

But since many problem occur I wonder if Ajax is the right way to go at all. Or if we should try to combine Ajax with frames rather than <div>s for layout?

Does anybody have experience using Ajax who could maybe give me a short summary of what techniques you use and what you would recommend to use.

Maybe it is important to note that the admin (who does not do any programming actually) is pretty picky about some issues. This is that nothing must go away while anything different is loading and that most things must not be scrolled away.

Thanks for any suggestions.