I have been with Ipower Web as my hosting company for 2 years now. Never had any problems with them Until the past 3 months. I have 3 Domains. One is the free one that they gave me when I signed on with them and is my primary domain. The second one is a domain that I use for a group of seniors (250) people and it is pointing to my main domain. The website is in a sub directory of the main domain. the third domain is parked.

When ipower started to switch over to a new system they moved the parked domain and the pointing domain but not the main domain. my pointing domain went down. (they failed to point it from the new location and treated it like my primary domain. It was down for 3 days (it took me that long to get a hold of their tech support). I finally got a hold of a tech support person at 3am after trying for 18 hours on the 3rd day. The problem was fixed and the tech told me they would be migrating my Primary domain to the new platform on sunday. and that I would be using their new 3.0 Vdeck.

I now find that they migrated back my parked Domain and pointing Domain to the original location. Sunday has come and gone and still no migration. I have tried to contact tech support for 2 days now and no luck. I called sales to ask them to help and they transferred me back to tech support on hold for 2 hours and then the phone hung up.

I managed to get a hold of Sales again. That doesn't seem to be a problem and no more than a 5 minute wait at most. (guess no one is beating a path to their door to subscribe to their lousy service) I told the Sales rep I wanted to cancel and asked him how to go about it. he replied " Thats not my department " and transferred me to the billing dept. On hold for over an hour and then click the phone hung up. I have tried several times today to contact Billing, and Tech Support. I,m still holding.

I am going to write them a registered letter telling them that I am canceling my account.

Should I Transfer my Domains to another registar. Ipower is a Domain Reseller for TuCows. what about the free domain? My Contract is up in another month.