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    More than advertising. Lifetime investment. Must see!

    Now as I have your attention I want to present you a project I called ‘The New Internet History’. This is a website of an iBook that contains stories of the internet society. It gives you a great opportunity to tell your future users/customers who you are and why they can trust you. The book creates a relationship in both directions, between the webmasters and their users/customers.

    Everyone can write a story in the book whether he is a webmaster or not. As a webmaster you can tell a story about who you are as well as the story of your website and why should people trust you. With a good story you can easily grab their attention and their trust.

    I have just released the website so people still don’t know it. With good advertising and many stories in the book more and more people will pay their attention to it and your stories. The stories are in chronological order, so the sooner you enter your story in the book the better.

    The total price is defined by the amount of words in your story. Each word cost $1.
    * There is a price reduction this month and you will pay only 50 cents per word.
    - stories over 1000 words get 10% off the price
    - stories over 2000 words get 30% off the price

    The money will be used to fund a project we are working on. It is an unique flash RTS game, similar to Blizzard’s Warcraft III Dota.
    For further information please visit the website or contact us.

    We pay you back in two ways:
    * Your story becomes part of the new internet history and accessible to the public.
    * As the money will be used to fund our project you become our sponsors. Next month we will have the game’s website online and slowly start building a community. We will be placing your adverts in the preloaders of the examples and once we have a demo or the complete game, your adverts will be placed not only in the preloader but also in the game itself. A demo will be online after 5-6 months and that’s of course only if we manage to fund the project.

    Once the game is done we will split any income that it makes with those who spent more than $1000 for their stories. This is a big amount of money and we want to return your favor spliting the income with you. The money will be split based on percentage for lifetime. The percentage depends on the money invested in the game. As the game lunches we will receive a smaller portion of the income until you recouped your investment. After that, we will receive a bigger portion of the income but you will still receive money for lifetime.
    You don’t need to have a story published in the book to become sponsors. If you want to become sponsors and receive lifetime income from the game you need to invest more than $1000.

    Thank you for your attention! If you need any further information visit the website or contact us.

    Iliya Nedelchev
    Website: http://thenewinternethistory.com
    Email: email removed
    Tel: (359) 896 58 50 60

    Payment Terms: PayPal
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