Does anyone know of a an easy point and click script or program for web based interface to transfer picture files to a selected folder on the server?

I would of course prefer free, but as the old saying goes, pay for everything you get, and charge for anything you give, becuase everything has a value!

So a free to try would be ok as I don't mind paying for something if I know it will do what I want it to! There are just too many things mis-represented out there to have to pay first and fight for the refund when you find it isn't at all what it seemed to be!

My end goal is to provide family members an easy access to a folder on my server for the sake of u/l and d/l picture files they will be using for their ebay listings!

So even a gallery software that allows easy point and click file transfer to an ft account I create for them would suffice!

Thanks to all who offer input!