I have an established ecommerce site for sale. This is a real site that is operating on the yahoo store network. I have a custom template for the site. The site is an inventory based business. Our product line is half imported and half custom manufactured locally. The whole site is setup as a system with a very unique shipping plan. Currently the site is expanding and there are a ton of possibilities. I have some very good companies coming on board and the site enjoys excellent traffic. Here is the plus, I rank on Page one of Google, Yahoo and MSN for my main keyword. I also rank for a lot of other keywords and keyword phrases. I get 18,000 unique vistors each month. They are unique since the site is super niche. I have spent a considerable amount of time with quality one way links to the site. This program is still growing. So why am I selling? Truth is..I am having trouble keeping up and I have some other projects going as well. As much as I would like to keep it, I need to sell it. There a ton of details about revenue, stats, pros and cons that I will reveal to serious buyers. Please keep this in mind....if you can only spend $1000 for a site, this is not for you. I am not going to pursue any non serious emailers. This site is very valuable due to its rankings and linking campaign. The site is also very content heavy giving the customers good value as well. You get all the inventory, all my contacts, my shipping system, all the files, graphics and misc parts that I use to support all the products. Currently we operate out of a large storage unit and an office. This would probably be what you would need to run the business. The site also has a 800 number so you would need to be able to answer questions about product. I am willing to guide the new buyer into becoming an expert in this field. Again if you are interested in this site, feel free to email me.