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Thread: Music code

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    Music code

    I'm looking for a HTML music code for my PHP forum.
    I can use this this one:
    [dohtml]<table><tr><td><embed height=145 src="music link" width=275 autostart="false" showstatusbar="true" loop="true" hidden="false" showdisplay="true"></td></tr></table>[/dohtml]

    However, I want no one can "right click" on windows media player which appears after using this code to "hot" my media link (http:/*/www.something.com/music.mp3) (although they can view source on IE browser to find this link, but it's probably harder for them than "right click" and "here they go"! )
    So, Can someone help me to create an HTML music code which can prevent members from "right click" to "hot link"
    Thanks a lot
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