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    Question Table how to seperate page

    I am a junior html user, need some help for html page.
    my html code as following :
    <OBJECT classid="clsid:550dda30-0541-11d2-9ca9-0060b0ec3d39" ID="xmlData" HEIGHT=0 WIDTH=0>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"  href="css/StandardReport.css"/>
    <TITLE>Color List  (Article)</TITLE>
    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
    function loadXML()
    {  var xmlDoc = xmlData.XMLDocument; xmlDoc.load("xml.xml"); }
    <BODY onload="loadXML()">
    <XML ID="tblDSO" SRC="ColorList-USER.xml" ASYNC="false"></XML>
    <H1>Color List  (Article)</H1>
    <TABLE ID=tblReport datasrc=#xmlData border=1>
       <TD width="100"> Color Code </TD>
       <TD> Color Name </TD>
       <TD><DIV datafld="ColorCode"</DIV></TD>
       <TD><DIV datafld="ColorName"</DIV></TD>
    The table data is over one page, how can I print mutil page????
    Please help me. Thanks!!!!!
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