Hey all,
I am very familiar with perl, but not at all with the CGI module since I have never made a webpage in my life. Well, until last week, that is. Now I am trying to make the website I am working on more dynamic by pulling info from my database. Again, that's pretty easy so far just using javascript to call in a perl file and update information. But I was having trouble passing variables from the javascript to the perl script (I am not using any forms, so repeating how to use "params" and get the parameters from the form won't help me.) so I decided to just start using CGI to build the webpages instead.
Again this seems to be going pretty well except I noticed the CGI module always seems to want to put the doctype as transitional. I would like it to be strict instead. Of course I can always just plop a new doctype declaration into the $html variable I am printing out, but in reality that seems kind of sloppy. Anyone know how to use one of the CGI functions to set the doctype to strict?
For example : <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"