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    extending text on the left side of the layout?

    Hi all... I have a question about my myspace layout.

    I've searched the net high and low and also on this forum before I came here to ask.

    No matter what you do to your layout, on the left hand side (music, books, television, etc) it doesn't let the text length change.. meaning the box might be 600px wide but the text still stays at the default width of 200px or so.

    Then I found this profile that has the text as wide as her widest picture in those tables.

    I took a screen shot to show you what i mean

    Can anyone help me with the code that lets this happen? I sent this person a message asking but she never bothered to reply.

    Thank you
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    Re: extending text on the left side of the layout?

    still need help?

    I'm not on much anymore,
    so please be patient myspace coders!

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