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    How to track the referring URL of a pop-up window...?

    This has been a headache for at least a week now. I have a "Mail This Page to a Friend" perl script that works only when the user fills out the form in the same window. I want it to be a pop-up window, but when I try this, the URL value is lost. Everything else works fine.

    Currently it is retreiving the URL using the good old $ENV{'HTTP_REFERRER'} value.

    I have tried a few different CGI and Javascript methods to no avail. Can anyone help me out here?


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    Hi there.

    Try preserving the data by passing it along to your popup window as an extra varible.

    Probably your best bet would be the querystring, like making the popup code that calls the next page . You would basically be using your Perl mixed in with JavaScript, but it should work.

    I can give you no code, however, as I am no expert in Perl. Prefer PHP & ASP.

    It would mean adjustments to the popup page the retrieve the data, and adjustments of the parent page to send the data, but it should be relatively straightforward.
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